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1Luxury Car: Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer: The English translation of the 1Luxury Car Terms and Conditions is provided for the convenience of our non-German-speaking customers. Regardless, only the original German-language version is legally binding.

1. General

1Luxury Car, Feurigstr 59, 10827 Berlin (referred to as “philly car service”), facilitates Users to book travel services via its online platform, affiliated online platforms, and mobile applications (“Apps,” collectively known as “BL Tools”). Our service lies in arranging entitlement to carriage for Users through transportation service providers (“TSP”), acting as an intermediary rather than providing the travel service itself.

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) form an integral part of every agreement between Users and 1Luxury Car, outlining the details of travel services arranged by philly car service. Any deviations from these Terms, even in the case of confirmation letters, are expressly rejected unless agreed upon in writing by 1Luxury Car’s management.

2. Contractual Relationship and Conclusion of Contract

2.1 Contractual Relationship

1Luxury Car neither provides travel philly car service directly nor through third parties. We arrange an entitlement to carriage for the User over a TSP independently.

2.2 Conclusion

Users submit a completed booking form via the BL Tools, making an offer for an arrangement agreement. The arrangement agreement is confirmed by 1Luxury Car through a separate statement (“Booking Confirmation”) via email.

3. User Registration Requirements for the Use of BL Tools

Users are responsible for ensuring that all provided information is complete and accurate. Automated registration methods are prohibited.

4. Selected Topics of the Contract of Carriage for the Benefit of the User

4.1 Transfer Rides / Hourly Bookings, Changes to Service

Users can choose between transfer rides and hourly bookings. Changes in travel arrangements are subject to TSP availability and can be made by the User after the conclusion of the contract.

4.2 Vehicle Class / Vehicle Model, Upgrade

Users can select vehicle classes such as “Business Class,” “Business Van/SUV,” or “First Class.” Vehicle images are illustrative, and upgrades may be possible subject to availability.

4.3 Transport Safety, Consequences

Details regarding luggage, animals, carriage of children, and prevention of carriage are outlined. Users must adhere to behavioral standards in the vehicle.

4.4 Delays

Exceptional situations leading to delays are explained, and Users must accept longer waiting periods due to uncontrollable factors.

4.5 Cancellations, Changes to Booking, and No-Shows

Cancellation policies for transfer services and hourly bookings are specified, including no-show conditions without cancellation.

4.6 Behavior in the Vehicle

Behavioral standards for Users during rides are detailed, covering safety, smoking, consumption of food, and alcohol.

5. Compensation and Payment

5.1 Principles

Compensation details are provided in the Booking Confirmation, considering factors like vehicle class, distance, advance booking, pickup time, and location. Additional requests may incur extra costs.

5.2 Ride Changes

Users can make changes to travel arrangements after the conclusion of the arrangement agreement, affecting compensation.

5.3 Other Premiums

Details about waiting times for transfer services and additional kilometers for hourly bookings, along with payment terms and transaction fees, are specified.

6. Liability

Liability principles are outlined, specifying cases of liability and release of liability by the User. The accuracy and liability of transmitted information are also addressed.

7. Changes to the Offer by 1Luxury Car

1Luxury Car reserves the right to make changes to the BL Tools to enhance quality. The possibility of temporarily or permanently discontinuing the offer without personal notification is acknowledged.

8. Protection of Content, Granting of Rights of Use to BL Tools

Content within the BL Tools is protected by copyright. Users are granted conditional and revocable rights to use the BL Tools as intended, with restrictions on unauthorized use.

9. Final Provisions

9.1 Entirety, Writing

These Terms constitute the entire agreement between 1Luxury Car and Users. Changes and additions must be in writing.

9.2 Subject to Change

1Luxury Car reserves the right to change these Terms, with User notification. Continued use implies acceptance.

9.3 Offsetting, Retention, and Assignment

Rules for offsetting, retention, and assignment are specified, ensuring adherence to contractual obligations.

9.4 Choice of Law and Place of Jurisdiction

German law applies, with Berlin as the place of fulfillment and exclusive place of jurisdiction.

9.5 Severability

If any provision is deemed invalid, the remaining provisions remain in effect, and the parties agree to replace invalid provisions with suitable alternatives.

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