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Driving a greener future

Sustainability initiatives

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Electric Class

Opt for our cutting-edge Electric Class for reserving chauffeured journeys aboard premium electric vehicles such as the Jaguar I-PACE, Tesla Model S, and Tesla Model X.

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The new normal

n various urban hubs, our Business Class and First Class options now feature the integration of electric vehicles. Our ambitious goal is to have 15% of all our rides powered by electricity by the close of 2024

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100% carbon offset

No matter the vehicle class you opt for, our carbon offset program automatically compensates for emissions, reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility

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Carbon offsetting with South Pole

Taking a pioneering stance in 2017, we became the first in our industry to seamlessly offset all ride emissions without the need for opt-ins or additional charges. Today, in collaboration with South Pole, car services philadelphia,we are committed to the ongoing offsetting of emissions for every ride, solidifying our dedication to environmental responsibility.

Embracing accountability with Cooper Parry

Taking responsibility hand in hand with Cooper Parry is our commitment. We understand the importance of transparency and avoiding greenwashing. In an effort to provide a clear perspective on our achievements and areas for improvement, car services Philadelphia,we have joined forces with Cooper Parry for third-party verification of our carbon footprint and offset program. This collaboration ensures an honest assessment and addresses any gaps in our sustainability initiatives.

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Committing to net-zero with The Climate Pledge

Embracing The Climate Pledge, we’ve committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade ahead of The Paris Agreement’s target. Rather than merely offsetting carbon emissions, our pledge signifies a proactive approach to eliminate emissions entirely, marking a significant step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Encouraging change with Time for Climate Action

Unlocking the potential for positive change on our planet doesn’t always require elaborate efforts. At Time for Climate Action, we advocate for simple yet impactful steps that leave a lasting mark.

Within just 2 minutes, you can voice your call for climate action to your political representatives, car services in Philadelphia, influencing change within the government. In a mere 5 minutes, transition your household to green energy – a move that not only reduces CO2 emissions but also contributes to saving your hard-earned money.

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Founding member of The World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

1Luxurycar takes pride in its role as a founding participant in the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions, a collective of businesses committed to providing economically and environmentally sustainable solutions.

Participating in climate strikes

As integral members of the transportation industry, our team is motivated to actively engage in direct action, urging our governing bodies to implement necessary changes and stand up for what is just. This is the driving force behind the utilization of our 1Luxurycar Cares community days, car services philadelphia, where our crew unites as a cohesive team, joining the annual global climate strikes.

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"As a travel and transportation company, 1Luxurycar has a special obligation to protect not only people but also the planet."

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